Why Choose Granite City Concrete Raising?

 At Granite City Concrete Raising, we put 20+ years of business experience behind every project we complete. We are committed to treating our customers like we, ourselves, expect to be treated – with honesty and integrity. We proudly serve Saint Cloud and the surrounding areas for all their concrete needs including concrete leveling and raising, and concrete protection such as washing and sealing. 

Benefits of Using Polyurethane Foam

  • Cost effective, this method is typically half the price of replacement depending on the extent of concrete leveling required. 
  • Less invasive than other methods, it has little impact on your landscape, and because there’s no concrete or grout to splatter about, clean up is minimal.
  • Near-instant dry time means your concrete will be ready to use immediately!
  • Cosmetically appealing, it requires smaller and fewer holes in your concrete compared to other methods such as mudjacking, which go nearly undetected once we’re finished.
  • Strong and lightweight, it never loses its density and weighs only 2 lbs. per cubic foot.
  • Earth-friendly, it is composed of 40% recycled materials. In addition, we keep waste out of our landfills!


What Causes Concrete to Settle?

Several factors cause concrete to sink and become uneven. This can include poor soil conditions, especially those composed mostly of clay, which is prone to expanding and shrinking due to moisture. Insufficient drainage also results in uneven moisture content in the soil; this can result from something as simple as a poorly placed downspout. Inadequate soil compaction beneath a concrete surface or incorrectly installed backfill are more known culprits. Even trees can suck up moisture from the soil surrounding concrete, drying it out and causing it to pull back, leaving a void that will cause settling. The longer you wait to have these conditions addressed, the worse the damage to your concrete.

Our Process

  • Small, 5/8 inch holes are drilled into sunken concrete surface.
  • Hose and components are set, polyurethane foam is injected into holes.
  • Foam fills the voids to lift and level the concrete.
  • Holes are filled with new concrete, and the surface is ready to use!
  • Caulking is applied to seal joints and prevent future damage (additional cost)